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Squirrels chew along the gutters edge to get into your home.  Call to have them removed before they have their babies in your attic.

Bats live in colonies that will grow each year.  If you see evidence of bats in your home, don't wait to have your home sealed up to keep the bats out!

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We take pride in the services we provide our customers.  Whether we are just trapping or doing a full home seal up, you will be pleased with our professionalism and courteous service.

 We're Experts at:

     - Wildlife Trapping and Exclusion
     - Gutter Guard Installation

     - Attic Restoration and Clean-Up

     - Insulation Installation

​     - Roof Repairs

​     - Hoarder Clean-Up

Expert Repairs

and clean-up 

Bat Exclusion

and seal-up

Raccoon Removal

and clean-up

Whether wildlife made a small hole or a large entry point into your home, we can repair the damage, seal animals out and clean up their mess!

locally owned

fAMILY operated Company

Squirrel trapping 

and repairs

We are dedicated to help you protect your loved ones by quickly and efficiently evicting nuisance wildlife from your home!  We will even assess the damage they did to get into your home and can repair and clean up the mess they left behind.  We know that your family is your greatest investment and our reviews offer the peace of mind that any service we provide will be done efficiently and with respect to your time and schedule.  Call and we will gladly explain the services we offer and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Raccoons can chew right through your roof and get into your attic.  The mess they leave behind is disgusting!  Call NOW to have them removed.

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PA 610-235-1831

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Call Wild Things Wildlife Control NOW to have Wildlife Removed from your Attic!!  They won't just go away!!